These are Testimonials from some of our Cambridge patients

Chris & his Knee Arthritis

Chris was a 64 year-old estate agent in Cambridge who had been suffering with stiffness in his back but it was his right knee that really bothered him. It occasionally locked and gave way but bending down to play with his grandson and kneeling whilst gardening cau…

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Jo & her Migraines

Jo had suffered with migraines when she was an adolescent and was seeing a return of them in her late 40’s. Her GP and previous osteopath pointed out that her family history and that times of hormonal change increase the likelihood of her being a migraine sufferer. The med…

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Katie’s Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Katie, an administrator at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge, first noticed an ache in her left forearm and wrist at the end of her working week. Things would improve with self-massage and as she rested them over the weekend. She opted to stop her gym…

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Lower Back Pain

David & his Lower Back Pain

David is a 40-year-old IT Consultant in Milton, who had a lengthy episode of low-back pain in his mid-thirties and has had a few niggles in recent months. Mostly this doesn’t interfere with his work or the game of football he likes to play on a Sunday mornin…

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Kirsty & her foot and ankle pain

Kirsty, a 33 year-old teacher, had been suffering with sharp pain on the sole of her left foot when she walked. This primarily occurred in the morning when she first got out of bed but now she began to feel it when she was running. Kirsty had recently entered the Cambridge half-marathon and was keen to keep up with her training sch…

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Chest and Shoulder Pain

Piers & his Chest & Shoulder Pain

Piers was a 46 year-old Director of a computer gaming company. He consulted us with chest and left shoulder pain after being discharged from hospital. The original thought of his pain being referred from his heart was ruled out and Piers was told that a musculoskeletal cause was li…

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